Cloud Cache Node.js Client 2.0 Release Notes

What’s New in Cloud Cache Node.js Client 2.0

Cloud Cache Node.js version 2.0 supports JavaScript apps that work with Cloud Cache v1.6.0 and later versions, and with Pivotal GemFire v9.6.0 and later.

Release characteristics:

  • Cloud Cache Node.js is based on Node.js 10.16.3.
  • Cloud Cache Node.js is based on the Native Client 10.0 C++ API

Cloud Cache Node.js supports the following features:

  • Connectivity to servers
  • Put & get
  • Basic queries
  • Functions
  • TLS/SSL support
  • Register interest for all keys

Features not yet implemented include:

  • Continuous queries
  • Transactions

Server considerations

  • On the server, the pdx read-serialized property must be true.

Security considerations

For Node.js applications running against Pivotal Platform deployments using PCC:

  • Node.js applications must use one-way SSL is to communicate with the servers; two-way SSL is not an option.
  • In PCC v1.10, the checkbox for “Enable Secure Service Instance Credentials” must be unchecked.

Known Issues

Using a number type for an entry key may lead to unexpected behavior. A number has a double precision floating point representation, which has implications when the desired key type is an integer. The interoperability of region operations will be an issue with apps written in other programming languages.